Two Wrongs do not make a Right!

Yesterday I received an angry email from someone because I had copied a tiny part of her work. Naughty, yes I agree, hanging offense? Not really, I was simply being lazy.

Although I have studied in-depth the human mind and its foibles since the year 2000, my confidence can sometimes dip and at times I believe someone is more informed than I am, this is why I copied someone else, I thought they were better informed than me. I was wrong.

Two wrongs in one day.

Thank goodness, I am still human!

I am passionate about learning, particularly when it involves myself, in fact it has to involve me otherwise that knowledge is not relayed to the person I am assisting with change.

The email was more about the writer, when someone is angry it is always about issues buried within them, understanding and taking this stance makes it easier to deal with their anger.

It is important to realize in any transaction between two people is the vibrations you are putting out into the world. It is my belief that what you think and say manifests itself into your everyday life.

I apologized and truly, I have learned from my mistake. I have learned that I am far more capable than I am able to admit, I am far more qualified to speak of personal development and self-help than most due to the vast amount of time, effort and money I have invested in the subject.

Upon reflection, there was a good deal of learning from this incident, mainly be careful what you write, particularly when you are angry.

Apparently the rule of thumb before writing such an email is:

a) Write the email

b) Leave it for 24 hours

c) Return to the email and re-write from a calmer perspective.

Anger expressed via the written word can be cathartic and the subconscious mind finds time to dig deep into its vaults and bring rational behavior to the forefront.

Damage can go deep from this type of interaction and so it pays to give attention to minor details and learn what your input has been in constructing the conflict.

I have been working on the internet for three short months and suffered plagiarism many times already; I understand this is out of my control. I have taken the stance that it is flattering, but more importantly I monitor my thoughts and ensure that I feel no anger or revenge on the perpetrators. I wish them well and send them love.

If I was to show anger and revenge as per the angry email, then I could only expect that sort of reaction back from the universe. It really is that simple.

When I experience this sort of exchange, the result is it makes me strive harder to shine at what I do.

So why do I choose to take a compassionate stance when someone is stealing my work?

Simply because what you put out into the universe pings straight back at you, that is what I am teaching and in order to be true to people I am helping I have to live by the words I speak.

Believe in yourself, trust in your intuition, do not worry about plagiarism, it is unavoidable, but the main piece of advice I would proffer is to be careful what you say. Your life is the way it is because of your thoughts and thankfully, outdated patterns can be altered.

If you want to discover more on the workings of the mind and the subconscious wonders inside visit


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