Truly, truly inspirational

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Big statement from a dead guy!  The words are powerful, inspirational and so true.

At the moment I am as a therapist going through therapy.  Let me explain why and how this happened.

A few months ago I had a major incident in my life and suffered a good deal of trauma as a result.  At the time I of course visited my doctor and was prescribed sleeping tablets.  One fix remedy for all ills!

The tablets were bad, very bad.  They managed to increase my anxiety and I slept less, only three hours a night, so my mind was not functioning in the way I knew it was capable of.  But hey doctors know best – don’t they?

To cut a long and tedious (it is for me) story short I was allocated a counselor. The first appointment took over three months to come through and I thought I was well over the issues I had experienced.

Not so, you see what happens to us mere humans is we store away our hurt, bury it deep and wait for it miraculously to heal.  This is never going to happen in a million years, what does happen is the wound festers and fills with putrid yuk.

My session with this wonderful man, my savior who was going to listen to me without judgement, with empathy and compassion took place on Thursday and yes all of those things were experienced by me and much more.

I cannot recommend the process of counseling highly enough – the only proviso I would put in is to make sure he/she is extremely well trained, has years of experience behind them and then book in for the rid of your life.

What comes out of your mouth when you are put in this setting, this warm nurtured space where you can explain your feelings freely, where you can take a moment in between the pertinent questions to look deep for the answer and then wait for it to magically pop up, is awesome – and that is an understatement.

If the therapist provides the safe place then huge mountains can be climbed, but be aware you will need to remove your rose colored glasses because some nasty bits will surface, this is all part of the process and it is very necessary to dig up this ugly goo.

So did I feel better after my first session?  No, not completely and I am realistic enough to realize there is a lot more work to be done, I feel more positive because I knew the issues were niggling away at me deep down and I was covering over the cracks.  I feel sad for my younger part of me that was hurt during childhood, the damaged me who needs this nurture and I want to cry for her, but for some reason I cannot.

I am looking forward to next Thursday to talk over why I am feeling the way I am and I am confident there will be answers, we just have to dig a little bit more.

Better out than in is what I always say.


Written by Joan Harrison who runs a blog where you can pick up tools to create an amazing life