An Uphill Journey

The business of all things Internet is a tough one.

When you first come across the prospect of making a living on line, it seems the ideal, the dream you had always dreamed, a solution to all of your work problems.

Stay at home, avoid the mad dash to work every morning, rush hour a thing of the murky past.

Well in an ideal world all of those things are true, but as you have probably realized by now this is far from being an ideal world.

The first three months of setting up a business on line is sheer hard work with twelve hour days at least.  Motivation to keep going is the hardest and most elusive ingredient.

In my case for most of the time I have been totally alone.  If I need to see other people I have to go and seek them out – why? – because they are all busy working and have little time to spare because of the dashing about they have to do.

Yes the most difficult part for me has been confronting the loneliness whilst holding onto my sanity and of course sense of direction.

Today particularly was a tough start, I heard myself saying in my head “drag yourself back onto the horse”.  Not a good positive affirmation I know, but it is the way I feel at this time.  It really does feel like an uphill journey.

I have a good deal of understanding of how the mind works, however this does not always benefit my thinking.  Holding onto realization as to why I am experiencing lack of enthusiasm and keeping sight of the answer can be challenging.

It is in my nature to work hard, that is not an issue, what is a problem is the slow results we get when we put hours and hours of work into our blogging.  Trying to get yourself noticed is the hardest part and what has just hit me whilst writing this is; I experienced the same issue as a child.  The family were so busy with themselves that you became almost invisible.

Is this why I have put myself up for this mighty challenge of working on line?  Have I yet again put huge obstacles in my way to make my life difficult?  Big questions with little or no sight of answers.

Yes I will continue to work hard and endeavor to have my work noticed, I am certainly not a quitter and if anything I learned from childhood it was no-one else is going to put things on a plate for you, everything has to be earned.

So I will dig deep into my subconscious mind, clear out yet more outdated messages and put in some positive new ones and see what happens.

In this world today we can click a few keys and be lucky enough to find instant inspiration:

More information on how the mind works is available at: